Top 10 DIY Window Replacement Companies 2018

Top 10 DIY Window Replacement CompaniesDouble Glazing Companies were compared in the past submission whereby everything is done for you. Today we have switched to DIY window replacement companies. Those listed can sell you windows of varying sizes and standards. You can either install yourself or perhaps employ a local firm. With the right contacts you may save money going down this route. The ranking data showcased can only give you an idea of where people are more likely to head to. Selling windows is only a micro niche for the DIY giants. The biggest of which (B&Q) for instance sells 40,000+ products, but just 75 or so window items. It makes sense to look beyond these to the more specialised web brands.


Top 10 Double Glazing Companies 2018

Top 10 Double Glazing CompaniesWe have now profiled and compared the 3 home improvement giants… Anglian, Everest and Safestyle. The next step forward will be to identify the alternative nationals and in some cases high performing localised firms. The top 10 double glazing companies will be scored across 2 varied measures on popularity. We’ll firstly look at web traffic rankings through Alexa and then the company turnover results from the most recent financial reports. Not every listed company for reference targets the mainstream domestic market. The other common route is trade whether that’s B2B or selling to local authorities. A&B and Camden are the key players on that side. For those handy folks that don’t require installation, we covered DIY Companies Here.


Anglian Windows vs Everest Windows vs Safestyle Windows

Anglian WindowsEverest WindowsSafestyle Windows

Anglian vs Everest vs Safestyle (Updated for 2018)

There are more than 12,500 home improvement companies who fit windows in the UK. We have compared Anglian Home Improvements, Everest Home Improvements and Safestyle UK below who are the big 3 national chains. Each has generally commanded market share ranging between 8% and 11%. The remaining bulk share is shared out sporadically between further nationals (up to 30) and the many thousands of local traders. To compare, the idea has been to rank each of the 3 across a range of categories. In sorting over 20 scored areas (each with 3 points max to gain), this should help to identify the differences and key features that you may be seeking for your own window makeover.