Privacy Policy

Welcome to Which Windows.

About: was created in May 2017. The main plan of attack is to compare the major national chains (Anglian and Everest). As the market leaders, we’d like to see what has made each so successful and just how well their end products measure up against each other and against localised firms. Pricing is often the key factor when buying new windows and so we’ll be looking to report on average costs, credit options and more. The tracking here is undertaken for analytics and partner ads that will be explored below. This privacy page will be updated should any changes be made such as ads being added, tracking updates etc.


This data is tracked through StatCounter. The information made available helps us to monitor our performance and look at ways that we can improve the experience for our visitors. The easiest way to do this is to usually look at what areas of content are performing the best (most hits, shares, time spent on etc) and then build more pages in this style or improve on those that are underperforming. As far as StatCounter goes, there are various stats displayed through our interface that we can analyse. In general though, there are only a few things that we’d be checking frequently. The main stat of interest is the number of hits that we have received for the day.

The hope is that this tally increases as time goes on and the site grows in size. Other stats of interest are the most popular pages and the top referral sites. Most visitors will be arriving from Google UK. Information on specific searches made is not disclosed now that Google encrypts their search engine. The market share variation between desktop and mobile views is also important through the rise of smartphone usage. For reference, a plugin used here called WPTouch displays a mobile theme when it is detected that the visit has come from a mobile device. Outside of keeping track of performance, simple admin checks are made to monitor server status, to record suspicious IP visits etc.

Third Party Ads:

There are now adverts added in the form of Google’s AdSense program that serves relevant ads matched against the content posted. These were added to compensate the costs of running the site when it comes to such things as domain and hosting fees, premium plugin fees, promotion etc. Should any profits be generated then the idea will be to reinvest this into the project to improve it for the user. With AdSense, Google uses the Doubleclick DART cookie to serve ads across the AdSense network. You can find further info regarding the DART cookie at Doubleclick as well as opt out options at Google’s Privacy Section.


The tracking discussed for analytics (and for adverts) works the same way whereby a cookie is used to mark and then follow a user as they navigate across pages. Cookies can be blocked or restricted from making simple changes from your personal browser settings. We wouldn’t advise making any amendments personally as this can trigger issues with many sites that you may visit frequently. You’ll for instance need to have cookies switched on for shopping carts to work on Amazon, Argos etc. They also keep you logged in at Facebook and remember your user names on your online banking so that they don’t need to be entered on each future visit.


This privacy policy received its last update on the 6th January, 2018.