Top 10 DIY Window Replacement Companies 2018

Top 10 DIY Window Replacement CompaniesDouble Glazing Companies were compared in the past submission whereby everything is done for you. Today we have switched to DIY window replacement companies. Those listed can sell you windows of varying sizes and standards. You can either install yourself or perhaps employ a local firm. With the right contacts you may save money going down this route. The ranking data showcased can only give you an idea of where people are more likely to head to. Selling windows is only a micro niche for the DIY giants. The biggest of which (B&Q) for instance sells 40,000+ products, but just 75 or so window items. It makes sense to look beyond these to the more specialised web brands. Top 10 DIY Window Replacement Companies 2018

Amazon Windows
1) Amazon (
Screwfix Windows
2) Screwfix (
B&Q Windows
3) B&Q (
Wickes Windows
4) Wickes (
Homebase Windows
5) Homebase (
JDU Windows
6) JDU (
MU Windows
7) MUW (
Glasstops Windows
8) Glasstops (
Dunster Windows
9) Dunster (
WW Windows
10) WW (
G: #2,942,134

Alexa’s local rankings displayed (taken Feb 2018). Those without one are ranked on their global rank (G).

Turnover: Top 10 DIY Window Replacement Companies 2018

Amazon Windows
1) Amazon ( Inc)
B&Q Windows
2) B&Q (B&Q Plc)
Screwfix Windows
3) Screwfix (Screwfix Direct Ltd)
Wickes Windows
4) Wickes (Wickes Building Supplies Ltd)
Homebase Windows
5) Homebase (HHGL Ltd)
Dunster Windows
6) Dunster (Dunster House Ltd)

7-10) Unreported turnovers

Turnovers are mostly specific to the 2016 year. Amazon’s figure is however recent for 2017. We aren’t aware of any further retailers active in this sector. Revenues were unreported after the first 6 places.


Battle of the Retail Giants

Amazon is the largest online retailer and so little more needs to be said on that side. The 4 mega brands that follow each generate £1 billion+ turnovers, offer impressive retail coverage and perform well online within #1000 (Alexa). We’ll be profiling each option soon to uncover how well each measures up for window supplies. From the outside it may look that B&Q and Screwfix are locked in a fierce rivalry for sector dominance. This actually isn’t the case though since each company is controlled by Kingfisher Plc. B&Q was acquired in the 80s whilst the Screwfix deal followed in 1999. B&Q’s revenue is much higher, but they don’t have as many stores (300 compared to 550).

Wickes is the main challenger brand. Their first British store was opened in 1972 and this network has grown to around 240 stores. Travis Perkins has been the owner since they went forward with the £950m acquisition back in December 2004. We finally move to Homebase who have been moved around a fair amount over their history. Sainsbury’s was the original owner, although most people associate Homebase with the Home Retail Group. Their ownerhip changed hands recently when Australian retailer Wesfarmers stepped in, but this deal has so far proved chaotic. A network of around 250 stores will within 5 years all become Bunnings Warehouse. We didn’t add their site rank since they don’t currently have an online store.

Buying Replacement Windows Online

One key advantage of retail is that you don’t often have to travel far to find a store where you can have a close inspection and take gear home straight away. You don’t get this online, but with lower running costs they do tend to cut down on price point considerably. Wider choice is also beneficial as well as expertise in specific product lines rather than every conceivable do-it-yourself item. The featured Alexa rankings show that there are some very popular web brands especially Just Doors (does extend outside doors) and Modern UPVC Windows. Glasstops and Dunster were also notable performers. Dunster stands out as being the 6th ranked on revenue. However, most of their business is generated at on garden supplies (climbing frames, log cabins etc).