Top 10 Double Glazing Companies 2018

Top 10 Double Glazing CompaniesWe have now profiled and compared the 3 home improvement giants… Anglian, Everest and Safestyle. The next step forward will be to identify the alternative nationals and in some cases high performing localised firms. The top 10 double glazing companies will be scored across 2 varied measures on popularity. We’ll firstly look at web traffic rankings through Alexa and then the company turnover results from the most recent financial reports. Not every listed company for reference targets the mainstream domestic market. The other common route is trade whether that’s B2B or selling to local authorities. A&B and Camden are the key players on that side. For those handy folks that don’t require installation, we covered DIY Companies Here. Top 10 Double Glazing Companies 2018

Everest Windows
1) Everest (
Anglian Windows
2) Anglian (
Safestyle Windows
3) Safestyle (
SafeGlaze Windows
4) SafeGlaze (
Britelite Windows
5) Britelite (
Zenith Windows
6) Zenith (
Crystal Windows
7) Crystal (
EYG Windows
8) EYG (
CRS Windows
9) CRS (
G: #2,516,879
Apple Windows
10) Apple (
G: #3,095,139

Alexa’s local rankings displayed (taken Feb 2018). Those without one are ranked on their global rank (G).

Turnover: Top 10 Double Glazing Companies 2018

Anglian Windows
1) Anglian (Anglian Windows Ltd)
Safestyle Windows
2) Safestyle (Safestyle UK Plc)
Everest Windows
3) Everest (Everest Ltd)
Camden Windows
4) Camden (Camden Group Ltd)
Zenith Windows
5) Zenith (Clearwin/Zensb Realisations Ltd)
A&B Windows
6) A&B (A&B Glass Company Ltd)
Nationwide Windows
7) Nationwide (Nationwide Windows Ltd)
Crystal Windows
8) Crystal (Crystal Windows and Doors Ltd)
Penicuik Windows
9) Penicuik (Clearwin/PCHI Realisations Ltd)
TG Windows
10) TG (Total Glass Ltd)

Turnovers are specific to the 2016 year. The Clearwin brands only show 2015 data relating to the previous administration. For reference, the next 5 positions were: CR Smith (£21.92m), Sovereign (£21.39m), Britelite (£14.92m), Apple (£13.39m) and EYG (£12.20m).


Is SafeGlaze and Safestyle the Same Company?

When compiling data it was interesting to discover who would take that 4th best traffic ranking. This turned out to be SafeGlaze from Niamac Developments that was only created in August 2017. This explains their lack of financials, whilst their popularity spike in such a short space of time has been remarkable. We spotted a debate on whether this was actually a new venture from Safestyle. There are certainly similarities on the site itself through the name, the theme and the infamous BOGOF offer. They are also based in Bradford that was another link. A suspected employee did however come in to state that they are simply a local competitor looking to muscle in on their territory.

A simple Companies House search unlocked some interesting things. Safestyle’s founder was of course Mitu Misra who went on to sell his stake in the business. It just so happened that we spotted a family member (Aarti Misra) as being listed as a secretary. Further to this, one of the listed directors (Philip O’Malley) had also worked there. And so there is definitely a proven link here. Their web performance spike and localised TV ads have helped to put them on the map quickly, but it would be pretty unlikely for any new starter like this to suddenly overthrow one of the UK’s leading double glazing companies who have continually been making market share gains.

What Happened with Entu’s Administration?

The high profile collapse of Entu (UK) Plc was well documented in the media. This home improvement giant had several brands on the roster. The most established sector brands were Penicuik, Weatherseal and Zenith. The owner was however struggling and went under after owing creditors more than £12m. Brian Kennedy who is famed for Sale Sharks then came in to rescue the brands through a Latium Group takeover. He had actually been a majority shareholder of Entu for a short time and many people will be unaware that Latium did also acquire and later sell Everest. Zenith is the core asset of the trio that collectively generate revenues of approx £70m that highlights their credentials moving forward.